haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

Hair in the News

Lindsay Lohan goes blonde for movie role (photo)

Scarlett Johansson becomes a red-head for a movie role (photo)

Turn your hair into diamonds

Woman writes about straightening her curly hair

During a tough economy, short haircuts become more popular

Woman suing after bad hair coloring job,0,7171016.story

Barber prosecuted for “toxic” hair,0,7171016.story

Detroit's Hair Wars (photos),0,7479257.photogallery

‘Hair of The Gods’ Airing on RTÉ

Nigella Lawson washes hair once a week


Hair Threading is making a comeback (video)

Sense Ion at Kathy Chai Salon (photo)

Beauty Museum (photos)

Female celebrities – bald and buzzed is hot! (photos)

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