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As you may know from a couple of previous postings, that was supposed to be working on the site.  Since he said that the website had too many errors and problems to fix (which is believable since the software came from, he said it should be replaced with a new site.  That new site turned out to be bare bones with no features, such as chat room, message board, IM, and etc.  To make the story short, we agreed to cancel the contract.  I had asked him to restore the BAHP site to how it was before he worked on it, because it is still much better than the new site would be, and he refused.  And ignored my request to have my money refunded.  So the BAHP site is now dead until further notice.

Lesson learned?  Don't pay in advance, make my own copy of the site, and I'm probably better off just doing the work myself.

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