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Sarah Jessica Parker bob video

Yesterday's video shoot took place at an upscale salon in Minneapolis.  Very chic.  Large mirrors lined the wall and a wall-mounted hair dryer hung close to the ceiling.  The side mirrors gracefully curved downward with hints of rock and other layered surfaces.  

Jaclyn, our model and actress, wanted a Sarah Jessica Parker bob, and that's what she got.  Besides the shampoo and haircut, the hair dresser twisted Jaclyn's hair in tendrils and held them together in clamps.  Then the hair dresser lowered the Belvedere (sp?) hair dryer and Jaclyn sat under the dryer for 5 minutes.  Because of all the mirrors, there's a couple of shots where it looks like the front and back of Jaclyn go on forever.

Besides sitting in the salon chair, she sat on my leg/foot rest so that she could put her feet up the entire time.  She kicked off her shoes so that her feet could get a little rest too.

Oh, and before her video, I had my hair done in the modern messy style too.  I kicked off my gym shoes as I'd rather not have them seen in a video (they are for the gym, afterall), and went barefoot.  I'll be including that footage with Jaclyn's footage.  :)

Video release date?  Maybe December.

Tags: bob, feet, haircut, jaclyn, video shoot

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