haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

my new haircolor

Right now my hair is processing under a plastic cap.  I've decided to color my hair back to brunette, my natural hair color.  I mixed 20 volume creme developer with same brand, Clairol Professional, Second Nature no Lift Corrective Color 4R0 160-0 Light Red Orange Brown Level 4, Base: Red-Orange.

I've used both liquid and creme colors in the past, but not this kind - it gels up.  I wasn't expecting that when I put it in a squeeze bottle.  This gel-type color would work best in a mixing bowl.

After my hair is washed, I'm going to put in some leave-in conditioner and some setting lotion.  I'll have my hubby help me put in the fingerwaving clamps.  A hairnet will cover it, and I'll remove the clamps several hours later. 

I bought a vintage Victorian-style dress at a church sale earlier this week.  The sleeves are so incredibly puffy!  I had to add an eye-hook piece, but that was it.  The dress is a size 9/10, and fits me really well....well, except for the bust.  I think ladies used to be more bustier back then.  And the length of the dress is a bit longer then me.  I'll have to put on my stripper shoes for the dress to be able to clear the floor.  (Since this dress is so old, I don't dare hem the skirt up).

For those curious, I'm a modern size 3/4.  I believe that I'm around 32, more or less, in European size.

Later I'll have my photo professionally taken.  I hoping to get a nice head shot done....while wearing the above dress.  I'll post a photo when I have it.
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