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I'm running a bit behind on things, especially conversational emails.  During the summer, my child is home all day so I'm busy taking care of him...and also enjoying the outdoors too.  I will be looking into voice posting for my blog for days when I'm on the road.

The dj's of Sundy Bloody Sunday and I are talking about doing another show together in August.  I will find out more this Sunday night...where I'll also be in their chat room.  So feel free to join the chat room and chat with me and the other listeners/chatters at sbs.rangerplex.com starting at 7 pm Central USA time.  (I usually don't get there until about 8 pm).

Currently I'm gearing up for a party on Saturday night, where I will be hosting the karaoke.  I just need a few more things, and then I'm set.  Also, I'm trying to see if some special guests can arrive.  The kids will love it!  (I think I'll fingerwave my hair for that night).

Other news - I'll be making my decision tomorrow on which programmer to hire to fix some things at baldandhairpersonals.com  A big thanks to those who made donations for this site, so I can hire a pro to fix things.

Sometime soon, I'll also hire a web designer to totally re-do my personal website as well.  I had someone working on it a year or two ago, but he got so busy with other stuff that he dropped it.  I'll hire a pro there too.

As for me, I've been slowly editing Debbie's angled bob haircut.  I'm at 13 minutes right now.  I want to so something fun and exciting in the beginning after the basic editing is done.  I hope to have this video done by the end of the month. 

My hair - I've had people asking about it.  I've been thinking of coloring it brunette.  I'm not sure when I'll do it (which reminds me to email this one guy who can do a 1950's cold wave perm using the 1950s equipment.  Note to self - check when I had my last perm).  Maybe late summer, early fall?

One last thing for now.  As many of you know, I'm into Star Trek now.  I've heard that they are working on a sequel.  Ever since someone asked me about being on it, (although I laughed it off first), I've decided that if they put out another casting call for unusual looking people again, I'll shave my head and eyebrows and make my way over to California.  Of course, I'll need a place to stay, and would need someone's help to keep my head smooth.  But I'll worry about it then.  This would be one of the rare times that I would shave my head, as I'm hoping to keep my hair longer from now on.


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Jul. 19th, 2009 07:06 am (UTC)
geez, I stay away from your site for a while for reasons beyond my control and the first thing i see when i get back is that you are intending on keeping your hair longer from now on :( of course, i know what my selfish side thinks about this, but my good side says it's your choice so Rapunzel it if you want cos you look great no matter what. overall, though, the serendipitous side of me wishes for the star trek casting call to materialize and sure there is a place in cali for you where you have my constant help to keep your head smoother than it's ever been with no chance for stubble :) peace, satori.
Jul. 20th, 2009 12:17 pm (UTC)
casting call
The release date for the next movie is 2011. Paramount plans on shooting in the summer. So hopefully they'll start casting early next year. :)

If anyone has any more info, please feel free to let me know!

(Satoria, I may take you up on your offer if I go to CA).
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