September 20th, 2021

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I got a new clippers!

Video of me and my hubby using it on each other can be found at

This video is sponsored by The Bush Master Pro by Hunkup and my  affiliate link to purchase this portable rechargeable electric clippers  is     

You can use coupon code 70KAT70   

I received the Master Pro by Hunkup electric clippers last week and was  eager to try it out with my husband. We were seriously impressed that it  came fully charged, and it was powerful without being plugged in. It is  lighter than my other portable rechargeable clippers, and it has a  longer run time too.   

If you watched my last couple's nape shaving video, you'll see that an  electric clippers or two kept biting into my skin. No matter how we held  this electric razor, it never bit into my skin. Very impressed again.   The included guards were nice. Each guard side had a different length.  Having two sizes on one guard helps save space, which is appreciated.   

The one thing that I didn't test out yet, but will soon is using this  Bush Master Pro by Hunkup clippers in the shower, since it's water  resistant.    

Overall review - I really love it. It's going to replace my other  portable shaver.