October 28th, 2016

need some best last minute barber, barberette, hair stylist Halloween costume ideas?

Just in case you've waited until the last moment to decide what to wear for Halloween, your Halloween costume dilemma might be as close as your closet, thrift store, local costume shop, or Amazon over-nighted. Why be a scary clown or super hero that everyone is doing, when you can be a barber, barberette, or hairstylist for Halloween instead?

If you're looking to be a creepy, blood-covered barber, Sweeny Todd is a good choice. (I love this movie).

I found not only one costume, but two different costumes for him on Amazon.

If you don't have a prop straight edge razor and you don't feel like ruining your barber shaving mug with fake blood, Amazon does have a bloody straight edge razor and bloody shaving mug set.

Not creepy enough? How about the Barber of Sever? I prefer the look of the straight edge razor instead of the large knife, but the blood on the barber jacket is a nice touch.

Thankfully, I like my barbers with crew cuts and other very short haircuts, so if I saw the this barber in a shop, I would back out quickly and run away.

Now if creepy and bloody isn't your thing, how about classic? I so love the look of the barbers and hair dressers in the 1950s.

Here's a classic white barber jacket with buttons. (Oh, I'm giddy already).

Yes, there is a female version of this. Just forgo the hat, and instead of slacks, wear stockings and heels instead.

That hair dresser uniform is quite similar to the ones that I own. :)

To add some uniqueness, you can always wear your hair in curlers. If you can't put rollers in your own hair, how about a wig with curlers in it?

Otherwise, if you just want to do something very simple, a hairstylist apron will work too. I suggest pairing it with a paddle hair brush or portable clippers. This way if you're out at a Halloween party, and if a drunk needs to be taught a lesson, you have your punishment tools ready. ;)

Of course, we can kick that up a notch, if you want something a bit more bad ass. Think 'Beauty School Dropout' from Grease.

Or perhaps you want to be the client in the salon chair? How about being one of the clients with a roller set in Glee's version of Grease?

Oh, one more thing, since I've noticed people telling me that I should shave my own head for Halloween. So many costume ideas for that! Any famous bald celebrity or movie character. But since I'm not going to shave my head, a bald cap should work.

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?