October 8th, 2012

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Jamie's Peekaboo Haircut and Trim video now released at HCF

For photos, video summary, and the preview clip of Jamie's Peekaboo Haircut and Trim, please click on one of the following:

For VOD:  http://store.haircuttingfun.com/index.php?detailrecid=474

For VOD:   http://clips4sale.com/57233/7085369

For DVD:  http://store.haircuttingfun.com/index.php?recid=475

Of course, the preview clip for this video can be found on the HCF Facebook page, Myxer (soon, it's pending review there), and Youtube.  And all photos can also be found on the HCF's Flickr, Yahoo Group, and Facebook page.  All links can be found in the menu at www.haircuttingfun.com