January 20th, 2012

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Haircutting Story: Tyskertøs (English)

Thank you, Stefan, for your head shaving story! 

Please don't read this story if you are easily offended.

Tyskertøs (the germans bitch)

 Author, Stefan from Germany

"Tyskertøs" was an  expression for danish or norwegian woman had a love affair with german soldiers or collaborated with the nazis (tysker=germans, tøs=bitch) in the era of the years between 1940 and 1945 , the occupation period of scandinavia in world war two .

The following story is about such a germans-bitch had been punished with a headshave.

It is NOT an accusation to people had been in resistance against the nazi dictatorship in the occupied areas.

The "Tyskertøs" are the forgotten victims of Hitlers war and one of the darkest chapter of the german history...

I relaxed on the "Nordertor", a boat café in a harbour of a small town.

The waterfront had been visible to me on my position and I could watch people passing by.

The wintersun shined down on this panorama and this was a wonderfull sunday afternoon.

The sky was clear and blue and meteorological so-called freezing weather.

Because of the unfrozen north sea, caused by gulf stream, the harbour was ice-free.

I enjoyed the coffee and this beautyfull day.

"May I sit down here?" an old woman asked me in german with a danish accent, standing in front of me.

I did agree. I thought she was a lady, about 80 years old, with a lot of experiences.

Her movements had been very slowly and she trembled with her hands.

There were age marks in her face and she was small and gracefull.

"I want to tell you a story, if it is okay." she said to me.

I didn't stop her, because I was convinced, that this must be interesting...

Denmark Mai 1945: A kingdom in north europe, in the south of scandinavia, at the end of the occupaton era.

It was cold and "D-day" 10 month ago, but there was no more military activity in Denmark, because germany had surrendered.

In a village, in the south of kingdom Denmark, the mob thirsting for revenge.

Lars Nielsen, a farmer, had been caged in prison in the occupation era, because he told bad things about the germans.

In the center of the village, at the city hall, was a demonstration with people shouting out "Revenge for Lars Nielsen!".

In front of a hair salon there was a young woman. She looked gorgeous and beautyfull, with a face like an angel and shoulder length brown hair in a typical 40th wavy hairstyle.

She was a small dane, about 5' 2" height.

The mob marched down the streets of inner city. The young woman felt that something was wrong, because she had a love affair with a german.

"There is the germans bitch! Seize her! She is a collaborator!" a man shouted and in the next moment she was seized.

"Tyskertøs!" the mob shouted again and again. "Tyskertøs! Tyskertøs! Tyskertøs!"

She could not resist against them. "Cut off all her hair!" somebody shouted.

Two men held her, a third one went into the hair salon and got a scissor and a manual clipper machine.

The man began to cut her hair with the scissors. She did crying while it happened to her.

A few minutes later there were only a few strands of hair left on her head.

"Now with the clippers!" somebody shouted.

The man took the clippers and runned over her head untill there were only stubbles left.

While she got her headshave, somebody wrote on a sign in danish language:

"Jeg er en tyskertøs!" (I'm the germans bitch).

Now she had to wear the sign down the streets, so everybody knew what kind of bitch she was. No one did help her...

67 years later in north germany:

The young danish woman was now an elderly lady. She left Denmark after world war two and hoped to forget the humiliation.

The old danish lady was reluctant to go to a hair salon for a haircut, because she was reminded what happened to her, but in each time she overcame it.

She prefered an old fashioned pinned-up hairstyle for her actual long grey hair.

At this day she wanted to go to a hair salon again to let it cut a little bit.

She was very proud of her mane because of her traumatic experience with a punishment haircut. Her heart was beating, but she was decided anyway.

There was not much going on in the hair salon, but she had to wait, because there was only one hairdresser.

A man, could be her son, and a young woman, about 20 years old, like her in 1945, did already wait for a haircut.

"The next one." the hairdresser said, went around with a shelf cart for the scissors, combs and the clippers. The man got up and sat down on the hairdresser chair.

The young woman sat on a chair and waited for her haircut, reading a magazine.

The danish lady watched her, with her piercings in the nose and lips and her tattoo on her upper arm. Her hair was in a beehive-style, like Amy Winehouse, breast long and black.

She wore a white strappy top and a black jeans. Her face with makeup looked very pretty.

At her ears she wore creoles and had a chewing gum in her mouth.

The danish lady thought it was outrageous to champ a chewing gum in a hair salon!

"The next one!" the hairdresser said, ready with the man's haircut.

The young woman got up and went to the second hairdresser chair and smiled a little bit, while the hairdresser swept up the man's hair.

When she was ready, she went to the customer.

"What kind of haircut are you getting today?" she asked her.

"I want to go all the way. You can cut it all off." she said and champed on her chewing gum.

The hairdresser was shocked and asked again: "Really? Are you sure?"

"Just do it!" she anwered.

It got on her nerves, that the hairdresser asked again and she rolled her eyes.

The hairdresser had to prepare the beehive styled hair, because it could not simply be shorn from her head.

First she had to remove the bobby pins, not to injure her fingers, and the beehive, a knot of hair, fixed with her own hair.

Now the customers hair was loose, without a beehive, and ready to cut it all off.

The hairdresser took the scissors and wanted to start the haircut, but the customer hissed, that she had to cut it with the clippers, without a clipper comb!

It was hard to do, because her hair was fixed with hair spray for the beehive and the clippers could be jammed and it would hurt.

"Doesn't matter. Just do it!" the customer said and champed her chewing gum.

The heart of the danish lady was beating, when the hairdresser started to cut the hair with the clippers.

Now she got a "memory-flash" because of her trauma and it came back to her like a movie, what happened to her 67 years ago.

For her, a headshave of a woman was a humiliation, but in germany of  2011, a headshave could be a special expression for a lady to be daring, modern or whatever she wanted to express with it.

This young woman just wanted to change her hair style from long to short. The customer was daring and sometimes outrageous but the hairdresser was still calm.

The trauma from the danish ladies past, came up from her bad experiences about haircutting, caused a syncopal attack.

The dane felt down on the linoleum floor.

Before the hairdresser could finish her job, she had to call the '110 call' (it's in the US 911).

Another customer, meanwhile came into the hair salon, cared about the old lady on the floor. She woke up again.

The customer in the hairdressers chair, with a 50% headshave, the other 50% long, asked for continuing the haircut.

The ambulance came and the paramedics cared about the danish lady.

She had to go to a hospital and they carried her on a stretcher into the ambulance and drove away...

"Fortunately I had no fracture." she told me.

But she never wanted to visit a hair salon again, because she didn't know, what would happen to her.

I did agree and recommended her to write down her experiences.