September 14th, 2011

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hair appointment at Carmen's Salon today

I'll be leaving soon to have my roots touched up at Carmen's Hair Salon today from 10:30 am to about noon.  She may also style my hair in the 80's fashion, as I have a photo shoot that requires such a style in a week or so.  (I never turn down a practice run!)  If you're in the area, stop by for a chat, or, even better, have your hair done as well.

In other news, I received a pretty floral rose comb-out cape from a special someone the other day.  It just needs a slight repair that's easy to fix.  I'll stop by a fabric store within a day or two to pick up the fabric...and more fabric to have yet another floral cape made.  I dropped off the fabric that I bought the other day, yesterday at a tailor's house.  Soon I'll have two lovely satin salon capes as well as that comb-out cape.

Now back to video editing, as I'm sure many are curious to what's happening with the Tifanee Marie video.  I'm currently at 29 minutes.  I have a few projects and things to catch up on, so I'll continue editing that video maybe later in the week.  I hope to have this video released on the 23rd.