August 7th, 2011

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Hair Poem: Parallels

Someone sent in this poem to be published on this blog. Thank you so much for allowing me to share it with everyone!

                                    "  PARALLELS  "
Caught out by a sudden down pour
my hair is soaking wet.
In the salon at the back wash
my hair being shampooed - so relaxing.
The scorching noon day sun
burning and drying out,my uncovered hair.
The salon's infra red heat lamps
processing the deep conditioning hair treatment,underneath my plastic cap.
The winter chill is so cold
the wind blowing my tresses,how distressing.
Sitting in the chair,my cascading curly locks
warmly and tenderly being dried with a hand held hair-drier.
Rain and Sun and Wind
my hairs a disheveled mess, NO fun out,for me - tonight !!!
My hair washed and styled and in beautiful condition
hasten the night - for my DELIGHT !!!