February 26th, 2011

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Permanent Wave Machine Price Guide

Because I have a page dedicated to vintage Permanent Wave Machines on my website, people assume that I know the value for their perm machine.  (I receive 1-2 emails monthly from people asking me how much their perm machine is worth). 

I'm NOT an expert.  If I had the time, I would fully research these fantastic beauty shop equipment of yore, but I don't have time (and all the companies that manufactured/sold them, no longer have any information on them.  I tried calling and asking several years back). 

Anyway, the main thing is, your perm machine is worth ONLY what someone is willing to pay for it.

A perm machine that....
  • is missing clamps, dented, highly rusted, missing accessories, doesn't work, expect to sell it for $0 to $50
  • is working, but missing some clamps, has no accessories, and condition is good, can get up to $75
  • is working and has all clamps, but some of these clamps are loose from the wires, good condition, get up to $100
  • is working, all clamps are there, great condition, get around $200 or so
  • is working, excellent condition, has lots of accessories such as units, cloth end wraps, original perm solution, etc, $500
  • is working, like new condition, has lots of accessories, instruction manual, $1000+
For those wanting to sell their perm machine, try craigslist.org, ebay.com, a beauty school, thrift store, Ax Man store, museum, or post your ad at


Now that this has been posted, any future emails sent to me asking for the value of their perm machine will be deleted without response.