January 30th, 2011

dryer, lady under dryer, haircuttingfun, salon, woman under dryer

under the dryer

Here's a photo of me under the dryer from Kat's Hair Conditioning and Roller Set video:

I'm at 1 hour and 50 minutes so far.

Tomorrow I'll have my hair bleached at Carmen's Hair Salon starting around 9 am tomorrow.  Feel free to stop by and say hi or have your hair done while I get mine done.  =D

I will NOT be filming.  I have a friend who has a wi-fi hot spot device that I can borrow NEXT TIME.  It didn't work out this time for me to try it out.  Also, I found a new web cam software where I can stream the web cam.  I haven't had time to test this either.  (Hubby is using the lap top).