January 22nd, 2011

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preview photo from Kat's Conditioning and Roller Set

Here's a photo that I pulled from Kat's Hair Conditioning and Roller Set video:

I'm approx. 18 minutes into this video.  I believe that this video is roughly three hours long...at least in raw footage anyway.  There are three cameras total.  Two of those are HD.  This camera angle is from a CCCD digital camera.

I finished creating the advent calendar date boxes the other day.  Now I've got to work on getting photos of women with awesome hairstyles.  This will be easier during summer.

I'm in the process of hiring a different graphics designer for the hair-themed gift tags that will be given away on the site this December.  If my illustration/drawing skills were good, I'd do it myself. 

The last thing that I'm working on (for now), is a "vehicle" for the Garmin GPS unit.  It'll be basic, but still quite fun, if all turns out well.  I'll be keeping my fingers (and scissors!) crossed!