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Happy 4th of July!

Today is Independence Day in the USA.  Happy 4th of July!  We plan on celebrating with a BBQ later in the afternoon.

Yesterday's shoot went well; a little longer than I expected, and the model was a bit unhappy that her bangs were cut a bit shorter than she wanted.  (Luckily hair does grow, and she does look stunning with the Chelsea haircut).  The stylist also did a gorgeous style before cutting the Chelsea. 

A total of three capes were used -- leopard print, comb-out cape, and the pinstriped cape.  A neck strip was always used.  Her hair was first parted with Brylcreem several ways before finger waving clamps were placed in her hair.  Then after a hair net and ear protection, she sat under the Bonate chair hair dryer to bake...and bake she did!  The heat setting had to be changed to cool as the heat become intolerable.  After the finger waving clamps were removed, her hair was rinsed and then cut using clippers, scissors, and a thinning sears.  Because the stylist hadn't had much practice with the straight-edge, I lathered up Karissah's head (minus the bangs) and her face for a shave.  I would have liked to have done this at least twice, but time was an issue.

The web cam was a little dark although the lighting in the salon was the same as always.  That web cam has fallen to the floor so many times, that I think that it's finally time to replace it.  It's also quite old technology -- from 2001, I believe.  Nearly all stores are closed today due to the holiday, so I will look into a new web cam during the week.
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