August 24th, 2010

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today's video shoot

This video is going to be a bit different than many of my previous ones.  Today I began shooting with my Panasonic HD camcorders.  These are tapeless (yay!) and can hold 3 hours of footage.  (No more stopping at the hour mark to change tapes!)  The footage is 1080 now, so which should be even higher quality than before.  Because these cameras are expensive, I could only buy two.  I hope to add a third when I sell off my old cameras.

Lovely Blue Sky had her waist long hair cut into a sexy inverted bob.  It's tapered in the back.  She looks fantastic.

Once my server is completely stable, I will start offering web cam shows again.

I have hired a new tech guy to re-install my poll software and to add an automated hair-in-the-news section for the HCF website.  I'll post when both are online.