June 3rd, 2010

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quick update

A 20-minute version of Escape was premiered at the Heights movie theater in Columbia Heights yesterday.  I think that it went over well.

The other day, the weather was perfect, so I bought my husband outside for his haircut.  He wanted a #3 on top and a #2 on the sides, but I figure that because his hair grew so quickly from the last haircut, I'd just buzz his head with a #2 all over.  Naturally, I shaved the nape, as no haircut is complete without the nape being cleaned up as well.

I let the hair fall to the ground.  Since I have a lovely garden growing, the scent of the human hair should keep the pests away and fertilize the garden over time.

I hate to admit that I've had no time to edit Emily's video this week.  I hope to resume editing next week.  Event planning and attending events has kept me out of the house more than usual lately.