March 8th, 2010

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photos of me

Since not everyone follows both my accounts on Twitter or Facebook, I am posting the photos that I had taken yesterday of me, here on this blog.

As you may know, I had my long black hair cut very short and bleached at Carmen's salon.  A video has been shoot, but probably won't be out until fall or later.

Here are the photos that were taken with my phone.  (I love my phone!)

Please don't post these photos on other websites.  Since they do not have my logo on them, I do NOT want them shared outside my blogs, my twitter page, my myspace page, or my facebook page.  (If you type my website or my full name on them before sharing, then you can share them.  Thanks!)

Anyway, about yesterday.  My hair my bleached a total of three times.  I wore two capes in the beginning, and then just one.  Capes used: sheer white, pink, blue, and purple.  And a comb out cape too, but I may not have filmed that part as the shoot went longer than planned and I didn't bring enough tapes with me.  :(

I had Carmen extremely nervous because I kept asking her to go shorter and shorter and shorter with my haircut.  Of course, during one of the cuts, she asked if that height was good, and I yelled, "No, too short!"  I then laughed and told her that I was just kidding, and that she could never make it too short.  I think that she wanted to kill me then.

Since people had asked that I take photos, I did a few times throughout the shoot.  As seen above.

I am very pleased with my current hair style and my hubby is too, although he was surprised that I went this short.  (I wanted all the old perm gone...and to have an extremely cool style).  *smile*

So far I've received a lot of compliments and people asking me if it's really me.