December 15th, 2009

dryer, lady under dryer, haircuttingfun, salon, woman under dryer

free button

To make it easier to those who qualify for a free VOD or DVD, I have created separate pages in the store for the bonus videos, but for some reason, when the FREE button is clicked, there is an error message. I have sent an email to my tech guy to see if he can figure it out.

DJ's long hair to short haircut video will released tomorrow. I will post the preview clip by tonight. DJ's nervousness and excitement show throughout the video. She was a fun model to have.
dryer, lady under dryer, haircuttingfun, salon, woman under dryer

Da Kink in my Hair TV show

I began searching for current tv shows that take place in the salon or barbershop, to add to the calendar that I just added to the HCF today. While searching, I found Da Kink in my Hair. But I couldn't find a weekly run time, so maybe the show has been canceled? Anyway, they seem to have a ton of episodes online. This tv show airs in Canada. Their website is

If anyone know of any more running tv shows that have to do with hair, I would appreciate learning about them, so that I can add them too to the calendar. That way, anyone who wants to know what shows are airing that day, they can find all the info in one place....instead of hunting around the internet like I'm doing. :)