July 19th, 2009

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Here's a cartoon from today's Sunday comics:

It's Cul De Sac by Richard Thompson.  His website is http://richardspooralmanac.blogspot.com/

What news do I have?  My tech guy has been working on my own dedicated server.  I hope to have this up and running within a month or so. 

A hired tech has been working on the www.baldandhairpersonals.com site, and he should be done by July 25th.  Then him and I will start discussing another site of mine.

I have been working on Debbie's haircut video.  I'm now at 40 minutes.  I hope to get this video done by Friday, the 24th.  Once I'm done editing, I'll release it.  Then I'll start working on the next video.

A couple days ago, I stopped by Carmen's to discuss a new video shoot.  This one will involve Mistress Bee and a guy who will receive the whole femme getup -- a set, makeup, change of clothing.  It's sure to be a lot of fun.  :)