May 6th, 2009

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free KFC meal today

Check out for a coupon for a free KFC meal.  See website for details.


In other news, the economy really sucks right now (as many of you may already know), and by the end of this year, many independent beauty salons and shops will be closing down....Carmen's may be one of them.  For those who have ever wanted to make a special trip to Carmen's for your dream hairdo experience, I would advise doing it asap, if you are able.  She has a wonderful vintage shop; it'll be ashame to see it gone.

As for streaming webcam, I'm going to have my web guy look into it, but he already said that streaming webcam will take a lot of bandwidth, and advises that if I go that route, I should charge for it.  So maybe I just do the regular webcam shows how I usually do it?  What's everyone's preference on this?