November 24th, 2008

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During the weekend, a friend and I went to the Gay 90's nightclub and saw a drag show.  Although we got there around 9:30 pm, the place was packed! 

The show was very enjoyable.  A couple of the gals were donating all their tips to an organization that buys books for pre-schoolers and helps them learn to read.  We thought that this was a great idea. 

After the show we stopped a few of them to ask where they bought their amazing jewelery.  I'll be leaving here shortly to see if I can find that shop.  :)

About a hour ago, I got back from a photo shoot.  The chair the photographer had me pose on was the same color as my hair!  :D  I wonder if he did that on purpose...  ;) 

Someone sent me a link to a show called Splitends.  He says that it is an excellent show.

Oh, and update about my one friend with the blood in the spinal fluid - the doctors think that a blood capillary that broke.  Now that it is healed, it shouldn't happen again.  :)