November 23rd, 2008

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Free Dr. Pepper

According to

The honchos at Dr. Pepper made a promise back in March that everyone would get free soda if G'N'R released another album.

It seemed like a good bet, after Axel Rose made false promises for 17 years.

But the day has come, so everyone can now log onto and get a free 20 oz soda. But they're not making it easy -- they'll send you a coupon that will get to you in 4 to 6 weeks.

The website is very slow, and the Dr. Pepper company knows this, so they wrote:

The rich, bold flavor of Dr Pepper provides a taste like no other. That's because Dr Pepper is made with an authentic blend of 23 flavors, which gives you real refreshment. With Dr Pepper, there's more flavor, more taste, and more to enjoy. There's more to it.

...get a Free Dr Pepper for a limited time.

We are sorry for any delays you have experienced in securing a coupon for a free Dr Pepper. While we had taken additional steps to meet the expected demand for our offer, the response has been greater than anticipated. To resolve this, we are increasing our server capacity and making a toll-free number available (1-888-DRPEPPER or 1-888-377-3773). In addition, as a result of the technical delays, we are extending the offer and will provide more information shortly.