August 20th, 2008

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Button Curlers Punishment video update

I just finished making the preview clip for the Button Curlers punishment video, but will upload it on youtube in a day or so.  

I was going to add Mistress Bee's part where she takes out the pink brush rollers in this video, but decided to turn that into a separate video, so that the story line is not tempered with.  One of Mistress Bee's rollers got horribly stuck upon removal, so I had to fetch a pair of pliers to yank the brush part out to free her hair.  Because in the story, Redghost and I left the shop, it wouldn't make sense for me to magically appear so that I could help her.

Yep, this salon can be dangerous at times.  If it's not hand-held hair dryers eating women's hair, it's rollers that refuse to let go!