July 11th, 2008

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barberchair for sale!

My barber chair is for sale.  {UPDATE: Barberchair was donated to Goodwill back in 2008).

It also comes with the board used in Jaclyn's bob video.


I bought this chair for $600.  I'm asking $300 for it.  I'll also throw in a santizing comb jar to start off your barbershop collection nicely.

Now, here's my newest chair:

I just finished sanding and painting the metal parts last night.

Oh, and a story about the above barber chair.  I am its third owner.  The original owner was a guy who owned a barbershop.  When he died, the chair went to his granddaughter, who put it in storage.  She told me that she was happy to sell it because when she was growing up, her parents always took her to her grandfather's barbershop for her haircuts.  She never had anything longer than a pixie growing up.  Now she wears her hair long, with no current plans on cutting it anytime soon. 

The woman in the photo is me.  I colored my hair red this morning (and it was done in front of the webcam) because the shaver requested it.  He will be giving me an undershave, bowl cut, setting my hair, and then shaving off the curls tomorrow.

A quick note about my hair color -- my hubby LOVES it!  He wishes that I had colored my hair this color sooner, and says that it's a shame to see it go so soon.  Well, maybe I'll do it again in a year or two.  ;)