April 7th, 2008

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Kat's blonde to brunette haircoloring video now available

Photos, information, preview clip, and the full video of Kat's Blonde to Brunette Haircoloring video are now available on the www.haircuttingfun.com site.  The direct url is:



I know some people enjoy leaving comments for my videos on youtube.com.  I appreciate people doing so, but if you need to contact me, please contact me directly.  I wish that I had the time to read every comment people write on all 60+ videos that I have up, but I don't.  Thank you for understanding!  :)


My hair is still fluffy and has lots of curl.  My hubby didn't like the afro, but he likes the current state of it -- I washed my hair, let it dry naturally, and didn't come it out.  The permed hair looks fabulous on me.  :)  After having this done, I said that I wished that I had done this sooner!  I think that I will continue getting perms....once I get my hair back after shaving my head this summer.  :D  I really do think that this summer's head shaving will be my last.  I plan on growing out my brunette hair and keeping it somewhat long, but not too long.  The weight of long hair has proven to cause headaches, and just from from all the maintenance it needs!  lol

I went shopping over the weekend and found some cool things to be used as door prizes for the Too Hot for Hair Event.  I also found some things for when I do a perm party event.  :)  Yes, this girl loves to plan ahead.  I'll take photos of the stuff sometime and post the door prizes on the Event page on the HCF website sometime.  I'll probably announce when I do on this blog.

Now to respond to the hundreds of emails that I've received over spring break.  I have reserved several hours to do this today.