April 1st, 2008

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getting further

I'm now bald.  

Yesterday, my husband asked for a haircut and shave.  I asked him to take a seat in my barberchair, and that I would start heating up the lather while I cut his hair.  He was a doll and let me try a flat top.  It was good practice, but I decided to fix the cut by doing a #3 on top and a #2 guard around the sides.   

With my head cold, my focus wasn't that great with the straight-edge, so I nicked him a few times...not that he noticed.  ;)  Afterwards, I told him that my nape needed a clean up.  I sat in the chair and held my hair up off my nape.  He flicked on my Osters, telling me that he didn't expect them to be that heavy!  (He's used to the battery-operated clippers that we keep in the bathroom, which he usually uses on my nape.)  He began to drive the Osters up my nape, bits of hair falling onto the floor.  That's when I sneezed and the clippers were accidently driven further up my nape than originally planned.  He stood for a moment apologizing.  I turned in the chair and looked in the mirror.  Well, being mad isn't going to change anything.  I told him not to worry about it, and that he might as well continue.

After he finished, he used his electrical face razor to shave off the stubble, as he was too nervous to use a blade on my head.  I didn't feel well enough to shave my head smooth myself.

So now I'm bald again.  :)


I'm back to work on the blonde to brunette haircoloring video.  I'm at 16 minutes.  I'm going to try to spend the day working on it.

Oh, by the way, about me being bald, it's not true.  April Fools!  I did cut his hair and shaved his face as mentioned above, and he did clipper my nape, but he didn't goof up and I didn't get shaved bald.  :)

I hope that you didn't mind the little scare/surprise.  :)