January 13th, 2008

dryer, lady under dryer, haircuttingfun, salon, woman under dryer


Here's a preview photo from Kate's Hair Singeing video:

I'm just 3 minutes into this video right now.  In about ten minutes I'll be getting ready for the 10 am video Button Curlers and fingerwaving shoot.  I finished setting up everything last night.  This morning when I was setting up my cameras, I stepped into water.  Much of the floor was covered in water.  :(  Dragging the ShopVac from the garage, helped.  I finished drying the floor and cables with towels.  I guess my next project will be having the plumbing redone.   :(

I *may* update this blog after today's video shoot, depending how busy I am.  Otherwise, there's always tomorrow.  :)

dryer, lady under dryer, haircuttingfun, salon, woman under dryer

Button Curlers shoot

I have a bit of time so I thought I'd quickly write about today's video shoot.

The large pink Spoolies were used this time.  If I do another Spoolie video, it will have to be with the green Spoolies, as I had originally intended.  We used the 1930's Speed-King hair dryer, and the Spoolies fit in well underneath it.  (There was discussion on another forum that this type of dryer would only allow for pincurls and nothing bigger than that.

And I should mention that this dryer gets *extremely* hot.  There's also a cool setting which also brings relief when the heat is too hot.

Since I handed the beauty operator a can of Pink Hair Sheen instead of hair spray, Jennyjen's curls nearly fell out.  Her hair was then backcombed and brushed into a style, and then rinsed out for fingerwaves.  I was quite impressed with the fingerwaves Jennyjen's dark hair held.  

I just finished cleaning up my salon setup, and placed both the sheen and hair spray on a shelf where I will not confuse the two.  :)~

Oh, before I forget, the beauty operator had her hair done up and she wore the traditional white gown, white pantyhose, and white high heel toe-peaking shoes.  (I need to ask her where she got them so I can buy a pair!)  The model, Jennyjen, wore a red 1940's sweater, black pencil skirt, nude pantyhose, and red laced up high heels.

It was a fun and exciting video shoot for us all.