September 16th, 2007

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my first curling experiences

 I've received several emails now from people wondering why I started having roller sets and perms on this, , website.  As many of you know, I take requests for videos.  Previously the site was dedicated just to haircuts and head shaves, now we've broaden to face shaves, perms, and haircoloring too.  And we'll continue to try new things too.

But because of the roller sets and perming videos, people are curious about the website owner's (that being me) experience of curlers and perms when I was younger.

The first memory of having my hair curled must have been when I was eight or nine years old.  My mother wanted my (well, both my sister and me) hair curly for some special event, and right before bed, right after a bath, my mom rolled my hair up in green and pink foam curlers.  (This was back in the mid- to late- 1980s.)  I cannot remember how my hair turned out in the morning because I remember pulling them out in the night because they were uncomfortable to sleep in.

A few years later after that, my sister bought a crimping iron.  Since she didn't want to be the first one to test it out, I sat down and she crimped my hair.  I thought it turned out pretty good; I went to show off my hair to my parents.  When my father saw it, he told me to wash it out immediately and to never do it again because I looked like a little (insert inappropriate racial slur here).  Needless to say, my sister hid the crimping iron and later sold it at a garage sale.

I received my first perm back in my first year of high school, or maybe as early as in 8th grade.  (Early 90s).  For some reason I decided that I wanted curly hair.  My mom called the town's only salon and told them that I wanted a perm.  From what I remember, at my appointment, I looked at Black Hills Gold rings (they were all the rage amongst the popular girls in my class).  Then after my hair was set in rods, I had perm solution poured on my head that smelt so nasty, that I thought that maybe this perming thing wasn't such a good idea.  But my hair turned out cute and I continued to perm my hair on and off through high school.  Either the smell of the perming solutions got better, or I got used to them.

Like all things, that choice of hair didn't keep for very long.  After about six months, my hair would just turn to frizz.  I got really tired of it one day, that after school, I stopped at a different salon, and paid $5.00 to get it all hacked off.  I say "hacked off" because that is what it looked like what had happened.  I told the stylist that I wanted a bob (I didn't know it was called a bob back then.  I tried to explain a cute haircut a friend of mine wore in school back in the 6th grade.  I thought it was very adorable and had always wanted one).  

The next day started a daily routine for a year of slicking my hair back with lots of hair gel and hairspray.

It wasn't until my first year of college that a friend took me aside and told me that I needed a makeover.  lol.  She bleached my hair blonde, styled it, and did my makeup.  I didn't recognize myself at first, because, OMG, it rocked!  So basically since that day, I've pretty much been a blonde.  :D