September 8th, 2007

dryer, lady under dryer, haircuttingfun, salon, woman under dryer

make your own salon cape

Many times when I cannot find what I need (or if I have an idea that I want to try out), I make it myself.  Right now I want to make a floor length, black PVC cape.  Doing a quick search, I found that there's a very simple and easy salon cape instruction pattern located at

I am planning on having this cape used in the video shoot on the 30th, when I'm filming the "Caped Girls Gone Wild" video.

dryer, lady under dryer, haircuttingfun, salon, woman under dryer

it's alive!

I've been working on my barbershop/salon all day.  And I've got great news!  The Gabrieleen Silver Queen permanent wave machine works!  I added the last two plugs (comes with 4 clamps) today.  All the clamps have been tested and all are very hot to the touch -- okay, some so hot that you don't want to touch.  Now I can email the stylist and try to set up a shoot for early October.  (I'm booked up with shoots and other things this month already).

Also, by testing it out (and from reading the manual of the Helene Curtis Empress perm machine), I found out what all three switches do.  Very cool.  

I already have at least three models who want to do a video with a perm machine.  So my focus for awhile will be perm machine perms.  Of course, if a woman wrote to me about wanting to shave her head for a video, I wouldn't turn her down.  :D