July 29th, 2007

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today's video shoot

Unfortunately the two models who were supposed to be here today never showed.  But luckily we had a plan B.  :)  In this fun video, I play a stylist who is working in an old-fashioned beauty/barbershop.  Because it's a slow day and there's no customers around, I hop in the barberchair for a nape shave.  Since there was still time to kill and still no customers, we decided that I could be treated to a face shave too.   When that was done, the barber surprised me by shaving off my eyebrows!!!!  And he said that he was only "shaping" them.  lol  Now I have the next few days to learn how to draw on my eyebrows.  :)

After that, he sat in the chair and I gave him a nape and face shave.  He was quite pleased how I handled the straight-edge, so I guess I'm doing something right.  :)

Well, I've got a family video to edit and then the bridal hair and makeup video to work on.  This latest video I'll try to get done by late August...maybe even sooner, depending on my schedule.