June 24th, 2007

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photo of me in curlers

Here´s a photo of me in curlers.  I wore these curlers when receiving the Japanese face shave and massage.  After rearranging the pins, laying back on the curlers was quite comfortable.  After the shave, I removed the curlers as my hair was dry by then.  The curls came out quite cute.   :)

I am amazed by the face shave - my face is still smooth!  The only place where I see hair starting to grow back is my sideburn area.  Otherwise, nothing yet.  So those women curious about face shaving, I say give it a try!  

Now a different topic: we all know that big belts are in style.  But one thing I noticed here in Germany is the amount of women with bright colors in their hair.  One gal had blonde extremely short hair with pink bangs.  It was very cute on her.  

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