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lots of info - my trip, webcam, Lindsay Lohan

I'm back and have lots to write about.  Let's start off with a video of  Lindsay Lohan realxing in a hair salon and having her hair washed:

The month of July will be busy for me with new videos being made and me keeping active outside and with my family.

Here are the new webcam times so far in July:

Wednesday, July 1st, starting around 9 am or 10 am. Three models receiving short haircuts.

Friday, July 3rd, starting at 1 pm. Model receiving haircut and face shave.

I will be working on other video projects but I've got to wait until I heal from all these bug bites and sunburning that I got while on vacation in Canada.  :)

Canada was very enjoyable and we went on outings that we wouldn't have gotten the chance to do in the USA.  My son will always remember the "oatmeal" pool and the time mommy caught a fish with her hands. 

My favorite memory will be seeing the beautiful scenery and posing on the sand dunes.

This morning I finally had the chance (and the tools!) to give my husband his usual haircut - a #2 guard on the sides and a #3 guard on the top.  (He looked great in the giant orange cape).  I've been trying to get him to grow out his hair so I could style it in some sexy rockabilly style, but he says no.  (Probably him getting me back for all the times that I shaved my head while he wanted me to have long hair.  lol)  I'll get my chance this winter though, since he does let it grow for the colder months.  :)

Once his clippering was done, he shaved my nape.  :)  It feels so much better in the sun this way...and looks better too.

Tomorrow I'll be visiting my mom and sister, so I'll be gone all day.  I'll finish setting up my salon setup soon.  I had hung up the rest of the capes yesterday.

One thing I'm looking forward to in a few months is having my hair permed with my 1950's oil perm kit.  The cans of the perming strips sound wet still when I shake them, so maybe this perm will work...?  Well, there's one way to find out! 

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