haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

hair bleaching

Monday night, Trish, Carmen, and I had a girl's night out.  When we first arrived at Carmen's, I bleached Trish's reverse peek-a-boo (the hair at the nape is bleached while the rest of the hair isn't, so that the lighter hair is highly visible when putting the hair up).

For some reason, although Trish was wearing a cape, the bleach managed to stain her blouse.  :(  And the odd thing is, although I accidentally touched the bleached glove to my own clothing, my clothing survived without any damaged.  Very odd.

Anyway, we then went to the Acme Comedy Club for their Open Mic Night.  Fun, as always. 

Right now I'd trying to schedule a Chelsea haircut, but trying to schedule with the barber/stylists are proving to be a challenge.  I'm waiting to hear back from another stylist....
Tags: chelsea, my hair adventures, video shoot

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