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Thank you, Greg, for sending me this!

It's One Big Happy by Rick Detorie.  More can be found at

Yesterday I colored my hair a bright red.  I am very happy with its color.  It is Manic Panic' Rock 'n' Roll Red.  I'll have to buy another jar as this color is supposed to fade out with every wash.  :(

Last night I went to a bonfire.  It was a bit windy and little embers would fly out and be thrown at people.  Twice, one landed on my hair.  But no worries, the embers went out quickly and my hair doesn't seem damaged.  One guy said the reason that the embers never caught fire on my hair is because my hair was "fire engine red." 

Anyway, since today is my birthday, I probably won't be online much.  I plan on enjoying the day with family. 
Tags: cartoon, my hair adventures
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