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Alexandra's mohawk preview clip & other news

Alexandra's mohawk preview clip can be found at

Alexandra sent me an email about her mohawk the other day.  She gave me permission to post it here.

I wanted to let you know I had a blast getting my mohawk last saturday.  Also, I have been getting such good feedback from everyone in my life, they can't wait to see the video.  Here's an email from one of my Japanese coworkers, "It's nice and neat haircut! I really like it. It seems like London meets Tokyo plus 1979 to 1984 style. You know I like punk vibe!  You should just Keep it 100% real! good job!"

We always strive for the model being truly happy and looking fantastic with her new haircut.

In other news, I tend to be outside during summer, thus the lack of journal entries lately.  I do try to post at least once daily as it's so quick to do.

Here's a quick Hair in the News...which may be a little old by now:

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