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Trish's Salon Trim and Q&A

A teaser video clip, photos, and a video of Trish's trim are up on the site today.  This video is great to show others how long hair can be trimmed and curled with the rights tools.  One thing that is sure to catch your eye is that the stylist has hair down to her calfs!  The other stylist who appears briefly in this video also has the same length.  She told us off-camera that her hair is quite strong and that she rarely sees breakage.  She contributes this to a good diet.

Several people have written to ask me if there are any products out on the market that slows hair growth.  The only one that I know of is Aveeno Positively Smooth Moisturizing Lotion.  It claims that it is "clinically proven" and that it "helps you shave less often".  I have tried this product myself, but since I don't have the time (or the memory!) to use it everyday, I cannot guarantee the results.

Oh, and I should mention that I am back in the USA again.  :)

Tags: long hair, lotion to slow regrowth, trish's salon trim

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