haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

Tuna vs Peanut Butter?

Has everyone ever heard of this before?  Tuna and peanut butter being good for the hair?  I received this email today:

"putting tunafish on your hair and a plastic baggie sit under the hairdryer for 10 minutes,suppose to put shine and oils into your hair.making it shining"

Last month someone emailed me a similar message but saying that peanut butter was the way to go.  Has anyone tried either one?  Would there be interest in making such a video?

Also, since I'm asking lots of questions, if a perm solution for perm machines was available, would there be interest in buying it?  I'll tell you one thing, every time my hair gets wet, I smell that rotten egg smell.  So maybe not...?
Tags: peanut butter, perm solution, tuna

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