haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

it worked, it really worked!

To the amazement of both the stylist and me, my hair is now permed!

The stylist was a little worried about the perm machine burning off all my hair, while my concern was that the original perm solution (circa 1930s or 1940s) was just too old to work.  The clamps did get very hot, and a sizzling noise could be heard, but no steam.  Doing a test curl showed that 2-minutes gave me a perfect "s" curl.  

Even though the solution was quite old, it still had that rotten egg smell to it.  In fact, when I conditioned my hair last night, that scent filled the bathroom and followed me everywhere afterward again.  I'll have to do that apple cider vinger rinse as the beauty operator suggested.

The shoot went well, although we had to rush the end as something came up (little family emergency) so my hair was just cut to chin length all the way around; it wasn't the a-line bob as I had hoped for.  (No problem, I can always get it cut when I have the time).

Here's what the felt pads, spacers, and rods look like.  Large spaces were left so that cotton could be wrapped around and under each unit to prevent burns.

Now here's me with most of the clamps attached.  A total of 19 units and clamps fit on my head.  The average is 20.

Yes, it is me without any makeup.  Makeup in the 1920's era was applied after my hair was styled.

I'll try to post a "after" photo of my hair sometime during the week.  Due to me running out of space on my computer, I could only upload one tape.  Once I finish editing other videos, I'll have more room to upload more.

This permanent wave machine perm video will be available sometime in November.

Now for yesterday's afro perm video shoot.  The model decided against the mumsy (sorry! but her friends talked her out of it).  Her hair was cut 4" all the way around because she had fine blonde hair, and anything longer would not hold the afro up like it should.  The afro looked very attractive on her.  She had such a cute face that the afro suits her incredibly well.  This video, too, probably won't be available until November.  I can't post a photo (sorry!) because none of the 11 tapes have been downloaded to my computer.

I plan on filming a bob on the 13th and then I plan on taking a break from filming for the rest of October.  (I need a weekend where I'm actually home!)  Then I hope to film a bunch more fun films in November.  :D

Sometime during the week, I hope to dye my hair neon pink. 

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