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I'm not sure that I mentioned this - my sister got tired of seeing me dressed in boring casual clothes (I only wear the good stuff on especial occasions such as photo/video shoots!  'cause my kid likes to pull my clothes, sometimes giving strangers a peek!  This sometimes ruins my clothing.) so she gave me a bunch of clothing that she no longer wears.  OMG, and I thought my jeans were skin tight!  (The clothes she gave me are made out of stretchable fabric).

I'll be going to a party later, so I will be doing my hair in those finger waving clips.  I'll post a photo with them in my hair sometime today.

My hubby will have to shave my nape too.  I tried doing that myself yesterday, but I prefer somebody else's hands back there. 


I've started capturing Randy's footage again.  I will take me all weekend to get that done.  I'll post a photo of him in perm rods or rollers (or both) next week.

Tags: my hair adventures, my life, randy

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