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permanent wave machine video today

In three hours we will be filming my perm, given to me with the Gabrieleen Silver Queen permanent wave machine.  Afterwards my hair will be cut into a 1920's A-line bob.  The stylist will already have her hair done in fingerwaves.  I'm very excited to finally be able to film this video!  Everything is ready; I finished setting up the salon set this morning.  I found better spacers to use as the last ones seemed a bit loose.  These spacers have an additional piece that holds the rods in place.  The rods have a key handle and a sprocket at the other end, so when you turn the rod in the spacer, it will click and tighten.

Several people have asked to see photos from this video.  For every video shoot, I always need two days to settle down again -- cleaning up the set, organizing the tapes, downloading footage, taking care of the paperwork, putting all my camera gear away.  It's quite a bit of work.  And at least two days before every shoot, I confirm the shoot date with models, stylist, camera person, and sometimes photographer.  I make sure I have all the props, clothing, tools, solutions, and etc.  I change up the set a bit, depending on what look I'm going for or to make things more accessible.

But anyway, I'll try to have one or two photos up here sometime next week.  I probably won't have the video edited until sometime in November, as I have so much footage that needs to be edited already.  (I think I have 20+ minutes left to edit in the uniperm video.  Then I have to go back and check the sound).

Currently my film computer is busy creating VODs of the Caped Girls Gone Wild bonus material.  I hope to FTP all of it by later today.

I need to read through my perm machine perm guides, to make sure I have everything memorized for today's shoot.  I want this perm machine perm to be as authentic as possible.  We will be using an ORIGINAL perm machine perm solution.  I have a bottle, never been open, that someone sent me.  I don't know if it will work or not, but we are going to try it anyway.

Well, I just remember a few more things that I need for the set!

Oh, tomorrow I'll be busy filming a afro perm and a mumsy.  So I probably won't have time to write again for a couple of days.  When I do, I'll write about the shoots then.

Tags: afro, mumsy, perm caped girls gone wild, perm machine, video shoot

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