haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,


Because of a video and photo shoot tonight, I went out and bought a wig.  This wig is much longer in length than the other ones that I have.  This one is waist-length.  I have already cut the bangs to a couple of inches.  Soon I'll be taking a shower and shaving to get ready for tonight (my permed hair will need to be slicked back with a ton of gel).  I'll be painting my nails neon orange...something to match my outfit tonight.  (It won't match the lingerie, but I don't think the photographer or his client will mind).

But then again...maybe a dark glitter color will work better for the other scenes that I have to do.... 

Anyway, I'm at an hour for the bleach video.  I'll have more time to work on it tomorrow.
Tags: photo shoot, wig

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