haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,


I think that I finally got everything sorted out with Yahoo.  (I had written to them and discussed the situation). 

I changed also  my email address to gmail.  So far, everything seems to be functioning as it should.  :)


Yesterday I stopped by Carmen's and had my hair re-colored.  It's now a light red color.  She used a iron on my hair and it looks very lovely.  I had a couple of photos taken and will post them this weekend.

My hair is starting to become dry so I will be conditioning it often.  I plan on coloring my hair again.  For some reason, my hair just isn't taking to perms and colors the way it used to.  Maybe too much sugar in my diet....?  I'll work on that after Easter.  ;)
Tags: my hair adventures, yahoo

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