haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

Celia Cyanide's Perm, Set, and Beehive Updo Preview Clip

Celia Cyanide's Perm, Set, and Beehive Updo preview clip can now be found on youtube:

My sister and I were talking about when we were younger -- how she was the one with the video camera...and I, at that time, did not want to learn how to use one -- and I remembered a little something we did together. 

I also remember accidentally setting one of her dolls on fire for a video for English class and that I had to pay to get her video camera repaired because smoke got inside it.  (And yes, I did replace her Kelly doll).  :)

Anyway, that video of me as a teenager can be found on youtube too:

Tags: celia cyanide, my life, preview clip, video clip, youtube

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