haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

Yahoo mail sucks

I've about had it with Yahoo mail.  Those who order VODs with Yahoo email accounts, their email from me containing their VOD links shows up two days late or is deleted by Yahoo on contact.  So I am having my tech guy change the VOD software to send VOD copy emails out to my gmail address.  This way when people write to say that they haven't gotten their VOD email, I can just forward them the copy from my gmail account.

Just the past few days, Yahoo has been extremely vigillant about deleting my emails, so much so, that I received only a few VOD emails.  :(

But I just wanted to give people a heads up.  I have been using Yahoo email for nearly 12 years, so getting a gmail email with my name may seem weird or fake for some. 
Tags: problem, yahoo

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