haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

my new hairstyle

Ooops, sorry for leaving you all hanging like that.  I told you that I got a perm and color but I didn't give much detail!

I have more time this morning; one cat laying nearly on my keyboard, and who refuses to move.  :)

My hair was set in pink and blue perm rods.  The perm was smelly and had to be covered with a couple of processing caps.  After the perm was neutralized and rinsed, I sat under the dryer for a few minutes, after the ends being cut off. Then the hair color was added.  When it was put on, it was neon orange...which I thought was awesome!  And secretly hoped that that would be my color instead.

And it was...sort of.  My hair grabbed much of the bright orange, but it was not even.  Another hair color was used on top of that.  So my hair is orange like the actor, Carrot Top.

I don't care for this color and am eagerly waiting a week to re-dye it.  It seems that the bleaching from the other week, and the lightening that the perm also did, was too much for this hair color.  Although, it could have been that I chose the wrong hair color.  I thought that I had grabbed Copper Red.  Afterwards, Carmen showed me the box, and it said just Copper.   Ooops. Well, I'll be more careful next time.
Tags: my hair adventures, video shoot

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