haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

Natalie Maines before & after haircut photos

Wow, Natalie Maines got a major haircut!  And she looks great with really short hair.


Today I'll be shooting a male perm video.  He's getting his long hair cut, perm, and set into a large 1960's style.  Afterwards, a guard is going on the clippers and it'll be shaved off by me.  My outfit today - leather.  Leather corset and leather mini skirt.  (I haven't worn this before for a video, right?)

Right now I'm watching Celia's perm and beehive video, to make sure that everything is how I want it.  Once I'm done with this video, I'll work on the male shampoo video that was shot the other day.

Tags: celebrities, hair in the news, natalie maines, shampoo male, video shoot

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