haircuttingfun (haircuttingfun) wrote,

getting nearer!

I'm getting near the end with the basic editing of Celia's video. I'm at 4 hours and 43 minutes now.  I only have a total of 13 minutes left to review.  I'll try to get the rest edited tonight or very early tomorrow morning.

I've been hired by another website to shoot a video in my studio tomorrow.  So that will keep me quite busy shooting, capturing, rendering, and uploading footage or a day or two.  I have never really shot this kind of video before, so it will be a fun challenge.  I'm sure that it will turn out well.

I'm very looking forward to getting my hair dyed red soon.  I'm not sure if some can believe it - my roots have started to show!  (Actually have for the past week).  I had my hair bleached just last week!  (March 15th)

Today I got my braces tightened, had stronger wires put in, a couple of red chains running through, and a two rubber bands to wear.  I thought about doing Easter colors, but the dentist guy thought that firebrick red would be would match my soon-to-be red hair.  :)
Tags: braces, video editing

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