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Here's a photo of me the other day.  Once in awhile, I'll wear my hair slicked back like this:

With the Celia video, I'm at 4 hours now.

In a hour or so, I'm planning on soaking my hair with gel, and then applying the finger waving clamps on my head.  I'm curious to the results of these vintage pieces.  You'll see the results tonight on web cam.  Remember, tonight starting at 7 pm central USA time, Trish and I will be on the Sunday Bloody Sunday radio show

We'll also be in the chat room at the HCF site.  We hope to chat with you all then!  (Please remember that I ignore PM/IMs.  Please, let's keep it in the chat room, thanks!)

Tags: chatroom, photo, slicked hair, sunday bloody sunday, video editing, webcam

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