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more preview photos + an update

I filmed two videos on the 30th:  Caped Girls Gone Wild and DJ KJ Dekker's Cheerful Haircut.  For the CGGW video, I first had 5 or 6 models who were interested.  Four responded with a definate yes a week before shooting.  Then on the day of, one model showed up early; the others weren't there at 10 am, the time of the shoot.  When calling the other three, I only managed to get ahold of one.  Her alarm clock didn't go off.  This isn't a surprise because of all the bad weather that we are having here, electricity has been going off and on at times.

Anywho, the video was filmed at 11 am.  :)  Here's a photo from it:

Caped Girls Gone Wild

And here's one from 

DJ KJ Dekker's Cheerful Haircut

This one was filmed during the Sunday Bloody Sunday radio show.  Sway and I had a lot of fun giving him his haircut and shaving his nape and face.  You should have seen him jump when I turned on my Oster 76 clippers!  This film will have to be rated R for strong language as Alucard (not the guy shown) has a potty mouth.  I am working on this film now, just adding titles and making it into VODs and DVD.  Since many people wrote to me requesting an unedited video, this will be one of those.  I'll try to have it available next week.  Oh, and this will also be rated R for adult themes.  I'm sorry, but since this show was no-holds-bar, this video kinda got that way too.

Photos were taken during this video and will be posted in a gallery at  They will be in a gallery either on the main page or on Sunday Bloody Sunday's page.  Please don't ask me when/where those photos will be posted.  They just told me "soon, within the next few days."  Just keep checking there.

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